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If you a Ninja Munkee, but are confused, here is a PDF document thay may help.


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Recommended Broswer: Chrome

Google Email, NOTE: If you want, you can have your email automatically forwarded to your favorite email address. That way you don't have to keep checking multiple places to get your email. Here is just one (of many) you-tube videos that shows you how.
Google Drive Use Google Drive to share documents, spreadsheets, drawings, photos with others on the team.
Google Calendar We can hopefully use Google Calendar to share schedules with each other.
Blogger To read and contibute to the blog, users must accept invitation (sent to your email address). Everybody on the team is encouraged to post to this blog.
Google Photos Please share your photos with the team
Smugmug Darryl Baskind has uploaded a lot of Ninja Munkee photos to SmugMug. A big thanks to Darryl. for providing these.