This is an awesome idea. Thank you for offering this opportunity. Should we stay within our kiddos grade level or can they also observe in the higher grade levels?


Typically, we don't see any problem with this (for example: putting a 3rd grader into a session meant for older students). However, please talk it over with one of the adult SOS leaders before making that decision. We strive to put your child into the age/grade appropriate session for his maturity level. We also want to make sure the number of students in each session is balanced.


Since you are associated with 4-H, is it ok to drop off my form and check at the OSU Extension office?


Unfortunately, no. The 4-H secretary at the Extension office has said that because of rules and regulations, they cannot collect money at the extension office. The best way is to send a check directly to the address listed in the SOS documentation.


I will not be able to send a pre-enrollment form before the Saturday event. Can I bring my children and money to the SOS event and enroll them right before it starts?


Usually the answer to this question is a resounding YES. We don't want to turn away anybody. However, we never know if a session(s) is going to be full (it happens). It is best to let us know ASAP that you plan to come and which sessions you want so that we can plan accordingly. Send an email to:


If my child is taking both the morning session and the afternoon session, can I just leave them with you and not pick them up between the sessions?


For an extra five dollars, we will provide pizza and a drink so that parents will not have to come pick up their children between the morning and afternoon session.


Is it ok with you if we (the parents) stay and watch our children during their session?


You (the parents) are free to stay and watch us do the sessions. If you would also like pizza during lunch, please let us know so that we order enough pizza ($5 charge). Or if you want, you can leave and come back when the session is over. If you decide to leave, we may ask you to fill out an additional insurance form (4-H requirement).

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