AAR provides a place for our team to build robots and they also have a classroom we can use for training purposes in the evenings and on the weekend.

AAR is located near Will Rogers Airport, just west of Meridian Avenue. GPS devices get mixed up when you try to find our shop, But we are Roughly at 6501 South Meridian Ave. We are just north of the General Aviation Terminal. Our shop is at the south east corner of hangar 2.

When heading south on Meridian Avenue toward the airport terminal, there will be a sign that shows where AAR is located. The road that heads toward AAR is actually Meridian Avenue. Stay on Meridian. The first map shows AAR with respect to the rest of the airport. The second map is a close-up satelite image.

Below is a satelite image of AAR. The buildings we use are pointed out.

If you look close enough and use your imagination, coach Larry's pickup is parked in front of the shop building. Also known as Hangar 2.